Why Us?


Meet Our Team

Cat Attridge


With a keen eye for a challenge, Cat founded Outfoxed Womens Cycling in 2014, with the mission to inject more choice and imagination into women’s cycling clothing for the everyday rider. With bundles of energy and a love of the countryside, those Outfoxed jerseys will be having many an adventure in 2014 and beyond – look out for the Norfolk numpty on two wheels! Fond of the banter, drop Cat a line at Have Your Say or Contact Us to have a chit chat.

Suzanne Orr

Le domestique

An enthusiastic and accomplished triathlete, having represented Ireland at the 2013 World Triathlon Champs, Suzanne knows the performance requirements for cycling clothing and is a key member of our test team. Providing advice and feedback on shirt specifications and detailed views of women’s likes and dislikes, Suzanne has proven invaluable in the development of our Outfoxed jerseys. We haven’t let her loose on the music playlists yet though!

Michelle Bonfield


Desperate to escape from behind her Mac, designer and creative wiz-kid Michelle jumped at the chance to leap on a bike and get some inspiration for the creation of the mighty Outfoxed! Having bagged the LEJOG (Lands End to John O’Groats), Royal Parks Ultra and dabbled in many an adventure, her designer head and wandering legs provide a perfect complement to the Outfoxed team.

Outside, out smart and slightly out of the ball park – Michelle get down from that wall!

Ruby & Murphy

Les chiens

Advocates of outside / outsmart, these two fine fluffs keep team Outfoxed fit and healthy on long country walks. Our adventures provide inspiration for unique designs and some time out for blue sky thinking. A day with these two is guaranteed to get us smiling and pedaling those wheels that little bit faster to see their smiley faces on our return.


Where the magic happens

With over 25 years experience in the industry, supplying all across Europe, our manufacturer knows exactly how to produce fine quality cycling clothing. Our visits to the factory demonstrated exactly why – setting high standards of workmanship, with a dedicated and long standing team, meticulous attention to detail and state of the art machinery, we were won over by the professionalism and morale of the team. Our products are handmade in Europe and we can vouch for the quality and ethical production of our products; social responsibility is important to us.

Kris Harris

The Geek

Our Techno Geek is the one that puts this all together for us and makes it work! Sitting glued to a computer waiting our next updates and pushing the boundaries of his geekiness he makes our dream a reality… Thanks Kris!

Why Us

We’ve never heard of you we hear you say? So here’s a little bit about us and just a few reasons why you might like to take a look at our range and share our passion.

  • If you’ve found us then we at least have one thing in common…..our love of cycling. You know you’ve got the cycling bug when you’ve changed when you can’t wait to ride those miles again and again.
  • Who are we? We are a new and independent women’s cycling jersey company with bundles of energy. Being girls who love cycling, we’re dancing to your tune already and want to add to the fun!
  • We are very small, so small that we are only doing jerseys right now, but watch this space! And we care, in fact we really care, and you’ll see that theme running all the way through our designs, in our customer care and in listening to your views. We want to keep our customers happy and to keep you with us from the beginning. Without you we are nothing and we will do everything you would expect from an independent company.
  • We want to provide a product which meets the demands of an everyday female rider. We’re not all going to be competitive riders, needing the highest spec jerseys, but we all love the freedom of riding and want to look good, who wouldn’t?
  • It was only when we were looking for jerseys for ourselves that we realized there was a gap in the market for our style of fashion (not that we can ever call ourselves trendsetters). Style is so diverse we really feel more choice is needed. And that’s how we evolved!
  • ENERGY, FUN, FRESH, STYLE, SPIRIT, FREEDOM, ACTIVE, GSOH, PERSONALITY – that’s what we represent, sounds like a speed date : ) The name outfoxed was formed with all these things in mind and encapsulates the spirit of our cycling. We live for the weekends
  • So, start a revolution with us…….we want to hear from you ‘Have Your Say‘ and be part of your stories, your rides, your passion. Share your photos, your experiences, the hills, the flats, the mud, the tan lines, the cake, the coffee. Share your pics and join the gang at ‘I-SPY

Big Ideas

BIG IDEAS: Our mission is to get women’s specific designs in the spotlight and to capture your imagination.

  • It all began with jerseys but we’re looking to grow…….
  • Whether you’re new to the sport or been in the saddle forever, we care about how you look and want to provide more choice for all female riders out there.
  • To get the pedals turning, we’ve put together a bespoke collection of jerseys. Look out for more new and exciting ranges to follow…..
  • Let us know what you want from women’s cycling clothing – Have Your Say

Our rules:

  • Say no to Small Men’s jerseys.
  • If it’s pink it’s because it looks good not just because it’s a female jersey.
  • Have it all – a jersey can be both stylish and functional
  • We cater for all – whether it’s bike geeks or those with style chic, there should be something in our range which appeals to your personality. We promise no marmite jars, no floral swirls, no rainbows. We take pride in the time spent on our designs and the research we’ve done with female cyclists to canvas their opinion.
  • Functional style – we justify everything we have on our jerseys, we want to keep our jerseys functional but affordable. We will put on specification we think is essential for a jersey and what you’ve asked for but we don’t want to go over the top. Our pockets are a good example: all our jerseys include a zipped pocket large enough for a phone with case and easy enough to open without needing to be double jointed.
  • outside / out smart – our ladies cycle jerseys are unique designs to stand out or complement but with women solely in mind. We have used styling and colours to complement the female form.
  • We listen – we’ve listened to you, whether it’s through jersey reviews, forums, blogs or direct surveys, we’ve heard what you want and just as importantly what you don’t want from a jersey. And we want to hear more….. if there’s a colour or style you really want to wear let us know. ‘Have Your Say
  • No excuses – when you wear our jerseys we want you to be feeling good and looking good. For whatever reason if there is a problem with any of our jerseys let us know.
  • You really can have your cake and eat it! Never settle for anything less if you have the choice.